Here is what readers have had to say about Cory’s advice on this website:

I just found [your site] today and it has already helped me.  I am a manager trainee for [confidential], I have went through their 7-week training program and I did not get to finish my certification.  So I am doing on the job training until I am ready to pass.  I passed all aspects of the certification except for the out loud coaching. . . .

I have managed people for over a decade, but for some reason I am not “Loud” enough for [this place].  However, reading over your blog today I am finding I am gaining confidence again just by reading.  I am familiar with all the strategies you have listed and I implement them already, so the failed certification that ripped all my confidence away is being mended.

— Amanda

Hi, this blog is really important and even though there are no other comments yet, it doesn’t mean the opposite.

Please keep on writing, I personally can’t thank you enough for this blog…

— Greece

It is great site for all those are going to challenge themselves in this very difficult business

Please keep going with your advices because all they are very helpful and constructive.

— Pawel

I can’t thank you enough for you blog. I just found this website today. I just got hired at a Pizza Hut for shift mgmt a few days ago and I’ve been doing a lot of research so that I can be the best manager possible. Thus far this has been the most helpful website I have found. I have worked fast food for five years and I know my way around however I now see I may have been lacking in several areas. Again thanks. Good luck with your book.

— Ashley Braden

I chanced upon your blog yesterday while searching for fast food management in Google and I find your posts really helpful! Your advice are very practical and I believe are also applicable to other businesses. This blog is like a teacher :p, and it’s very enlightening to read. I hope you keep your site up!

— Kristine Ko