Cory J. Tucholski is the founder of Fast Food Management Secrets.  He has been a fast food manager for almost two decades at Taco Bell, Wendy’s, and Burger King.  Cory served in all capacities at the store level, from crew member to general manager.

Enjoying tremendous success early in his career, Cory helped to run the number-one-ranked store for a year straight.  That led to Cory being personally selected for two turnaround projects.  Both were completed successfully.

He struggled toward the end of his stay at Wendy’s, trying a job change with Meijer for a couple of years but was unable to make any headway into management.  Cory returned to the fast food industry at Burger King, but severe depression won with two hospitalizations.

Management is notoriously results-driven, in that if you aren’t currently producing the results, then you aren’t a good manager.  So Cory was fired from BK and drifted between jobs for a long time.

Currently working in long-term care as director of environmental services (i.e. housekeeping, floor care, and laundry), Cory still writes occasional blogs and syndicated articles about fast food management from his home in Toledo, OH.  Cory and his wife, Jody, are expecting their third child in mid-April.

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