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New Theme

1 Feb

I have selected a new theme for the site. I’m hoping to put more offerings on this site in 2011, so stick around and see what’s cooking.

For those of you that are interested in becoming better leaders, the Store link has many great offerings. If you like what I’m doing on this site and you want to see this site continue, then purchase some items I have listed at the store. I get a commission from it, so it lets me know that you appreciate my recommendations.

Advertisements Permanently Deleted

28 Jun

I have permanently deleted the domain name. The cost of renewal was too much, and I have no interested parties willing to contribute to this blog. One person did contact me, and though I accepted her as a contributor, she (like all of the others that have contacted me expressing an interest) failed to return my e-mail. I never heard from her again.

Either my e-mails are going into people’s spam filter, or I’m expecting too much of my contributors.

As a contributor, you will be expected to come up with your own blog ideas, and I also expect you to help promote this blog in chats and discussion forums. I would like this site to keep going, but not under my totalitarian direction. I want to assemble a team with ideas to propel this forward to the next level on their own, with me making only occasional contributions.

I will make the occasional update to this site, but I have numerous other writing projects in the works that have a higher priority. I am not going to delete this blog, as I think I still have some more things to say.

Fast Food Management for Dummies a Reality?

22 Jun

FFMFD coverI have decided to put together a book proposal for Fast Food Management for Dummies and send it to Wiley Publishing. This is based on the incredible support that I’ve had in the polls on this site.

Fast Food Management for Dummies was a clear winning idea, as over 90% of you indicated that you would purchase the title if it were available. The One Minute McManager isn’t selling as well, so I might have to save that for later.

Another Poll

18 Oct

Quick Poll

16 Oct

QUICK POLL: Should I Keep this Site Going?

17 Jun

I’ve noticed from the site statistics that there are a number of people interested in what this site has to offer.  The question is, are you learning something from this site?  If you like what you see on this site, drop a comment on this entry and encourage me to keep going.  Otherwise, I’m going to shut this site down permanently because I have only so much time.

Alternatively, you could send me an e-mail:

I look forward to some feedback!

I Have Returned!

11 Feb

After a very long absence, I have returned to this blog and I will begin posting new material this week.  My goal is to produce at least two new articles each week based on reading a best selling leadership manual.  I will fine tune the ideas of the book for fast food management, as I did with the One Minute Manager series.

I appreciate everyone’s patience.  Look for some articles on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People starting later this week!

Introducing the First Site for the Fast Food Manager!

13 Nov

I’ve searched and I’ve searched, but I can’t seem to find any websites or blogs that specifically offer insight to the leaders of the fast food industry. Nothing that takes the vast management resources available and distills them into usable tricks for the fast food manager.

Therefore, I’m launching this blog as the first step in filling that void. It is my hope that a book deal will follow on the heels. I’m already working on a proposal. I will use this site to share some of my research and to help market the book. The book, mind you, will be about a year or so in coming since I’m still in the planning stages. This site will disseminate some of the research I’m doing and readers can help refine and add some great information to help fill out the book.

I already have a full plate, both in writing and in my personal life–I have a full-time job, a child, and in January I will be setting to work on finishing my college education, culminating in an MBA in organizational management and an M.Th in Christian apologetics. Therefore, I am looking for contributors for this site. Please drop an e-mail to for details. I would prefer people who have a great fast food background, and definitely people who can write well and meet deadlines. If this sounds like you, I look forward to hearing from you soon!