Permanently Deleted

28 Jun

I have permanently deleted the domain name. The cost of renewal was too much, and I have no interested parties willing to contribute to this blog. One person did contact me, and though I accepted her as a contributor, she (like all of the others that have contacted me expressing an interest) failed to return my e-mail. I never heard from her again.

Either my e-mails are going into people’s spam filter, or I’m expecting too much of my contributors.

As a contributor, you will be expected to come up with your own blog ideas, and I also expect you to help promote this blog in chats and discussion forums. I would like this site to keep going, but not under my totalitarian direction. I want to assemble a team with ideas to propel this forward to the next level on their own, with me making only occasional contributions.

I will make the occasional update to this site, but I have numerous other writing projects in the works that have a higher priority. I am not going to delete this blog, as I think I still have some more things to say.


One Response to “ Permanently Deleted”

  1. Melodie October 1, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

    I am interested in knowing who you are…..

    My name is Melodie. I’ve been in food service before but now I am in fast food which seems to be a completely different ball game. I have positioned myself as a shift lead and have made my management intentions clear to my owner. Now I’m scrambling to learn all I can. I’m reading Gung Ho and One Minute and then at a particularly low point in my journey I went searching the internet and found your blog, which I’m addicted to. The writing is excellent, interesting and easy to understand.

    I want to be a great manager, but I have no experience. It turns out my owner is a first timer too, so we are all learning as we go. At times I think he has more confidence in me than I do in myself! I’m scared out of my wits but he has assured me he will not set me up to fail. I am great with external customers and lacking with internal customers. I can manage tasks but find relationships difficult. I have a work ethic out of this world and have a hard time accepting when others (the kids) do not. I expect a lot of others and even more of myself. I’m incredibly hard on myself and I don’t care for the “great job rookie” sort of chiding that goes on between my owner and everyone. I want to encourage and appreciate not cut down and make fun of…. But I am living in the revolving door of fast food. I’m invested in doing a great job no matter what it is, especially when I’m getting paid to do it. I could just work and never say a word to people. My owner says if I can’t be “their friend” I may be in the wrong business. I say if they aren’t willing to do the job they are getting paid to do, they are in the wrong business.

    But I’ve never had to hire a single person, so what do I know!

    All this to say, I appreciate this blog.



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