Speed of Service 5: Use Enough Headsets

17 Oct

No matter what, your superiors will always ask for faster service. So I’ve been been blogging my best tips for reducing speed of service. Tip five is pretty straightforward: Use enough drive-thru headsets.

In a perfect world, the drive-thru attendant, the cash collector, the entire drive-thru side of the kitchen, the manager, the fry person, and the expediter will all be wearing headsets. That comes to about seven headsets, which of course I’m sure that no store actually has all seven headsets functional at the same time. Five should work, so the manager, both drive-thru attendants, the fry person and one of the kitchen staffers will each have one.

Headsets are good for more than just listening to customers. Headsets are invaluable to communicate between team members. This minimizes shouting across the store. I know as a manager many times I’ve given people directions over the headsets. If anyone walks away from his station to get something, he knows immediately if there is an order and that he must return. No searching for him or having to have someone temporarily step into his position.

In short, for listening to orders and in-store communication, having enough drive-thru headsets available is very important.


One Response to “Speed of Service 5: Use Enough Headsets”

  1. scott semrau August 22, 2010 at 8:33 pm #

    I know what u mean about having all working headsets, we have seven at wendys but they dont all work. communication is the key! I picked that up a long time ago when i started arbys, it was a huge difference to use that tool too your advantage for oneself as well as teaching employees that as well!

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