Speed of Service 4: Stock Enough Product

16 Oct

Every manager of fast food is faced with the question of reducing his service time at some point. It is never fast enough for the big wigs. So I’ve been blogging some of my tips for decreasing speed of service. The fourth tip is to stock enough product.

This may seem elementary, but it is shocking just how many new managers don’t think to make sure that the store is stocked for a rush. It is important to check the kitchen area to insure that you have enough meat and fried products to survive at least what sales are projected for the peak rush. This way no one has to stop and cook additional product; everyone can focus solely on the customers.

It doesn’t stop at just product. Make sure that there are enough condiments and supplies in the drive-thru. Make sure that you have enough straws, ketchup packets, cups, lids, cash, rolled coin, and receipt tape on hand. Make sure that your pop dispensers are full. Make sure your CO2 tank has enough in it. Make sure that your shake mix is full. Make sure that you have enough bags, sauces, napkins, and fry cartons, too.

If at all possible, make sure that no one has to leave their station for anything during peak lunch and peak dinner. This will insure the best possible service to your customers, and the fastest possible service. That wins loyal customers and generates positive word of mouth faster than anything else you can do.


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