Speed of Service 3: Right Number of People in the Right Place at the Right Time

15 Oct

The third point to better speed of service is to have the right number of people in the right place at the right time. This begins with a properly done crew schedule, and ends with the manager on duty positioning his people correctly.

A properly done crew schedule is more than just putting names on the page. It considers the sales projections carefully as well as the abilities of the people. Nothing hurts worse than having no one that knows cash register or (worse!) having all cashiers and no one that knows how to make food! The sales projections will help with getting the right number of people for the sales volume. The schedule maker must then determine who to put at that particular time.

The manager on duty must then, with the people given him, make the determination of who to put where. Most places provide a chart that helps you determine where to put people based on the number of people and projected sales volume.

The challenge now becomes keeping the people organized in the assigned positions, because most people don’t like being confined to just one spot for very long. Especially if there’s downtime. But it’s essential to have the people ready to serve the customers. Precious seconds can be lost waiting for someone to return to his position or having to fill that position to the neglect of another.

Keeping people organized is the hardest, but most essential part, of this job.


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