10 Steps to Empowerment 8: Trust

2 Dec

Once you’ve defined a person’s responsibilities, delegated enough authority to him, trained him properly, set a high standard,  given him the proper knowledge, and provided appropriate recognition and feedback, the next step is to simply trust this person to do the job.

Is it really that easy?  Of course not!  Trust is a very sticky issue, especially when money is concerned.  But we’re not just dealing with the store’s money.  Our employees bring personal property, such as cellphones and jewelry, with them to work.  Our customers bring money and jewelry, too.  We also have to consider the food within the establishment–that is equal to money for the purposes of a fast food business.

We also trust people with our safety.  Cooking equipment is dangerous.  The grills can scar people and the fryers can burn the store down.  The gas can cause explosions.

For these reasons and more, trust should be earned, never given.  But, it is important to lay a foundation for a good relationship by believing that everyone who comes to work wants to do a good job for you.  If that isn’t the case, it will become apparent soon enough.

Don’t begin by teaching someone how to filter the fryers.  This is a dangerous job.  Begin with smaller tasks.  See how they do with sweeping and mopping, register drawers, and other cooking equipment.  Let them work toward the tasks that have the potential to destroy the restaurant.

What happens when the trust that someone earned is violated?  That has to be taken on a case-by-case basis.  If they set a fryer on fire, perhaps they didn’t know that the fryer has to be off when empty.  No trust violated.  A One Minute Reprimand will do nicely.

Perhaps they wanted to go home early, so they purposely left the fryer on.  That’s a different case altogether.  By the same token, if cash comes up missing from their register, or if employee or customer property is missing, then you may have a situation in which a One Minute Reprimand isn’t going to cut it.


One Response to “10 Steps to Empowerment 8: Trust”

  1. Svend la Rose July 9, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    Where’s the link to the main page for “10 Steps to Empowerment”?

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