Applying the Tricks of the One Minute Manager

20 Nov

Yesterday, I started to apply the tricks I learned in Dr. Blanchard’s book, The One Minute Manager.   I think that it was a little bit weird for my employees to be told exactly what I think of them and to always know their standing.  I know that this is something that isn’t seen too often in the world of work.

I have a few things I can be proud of.  Overall, the service time for dinner was awful, 183 seconds (goal is less than 150 seconds).  But, we did enough business to warrant seven people in the 4:00pm hour with only four people on staff.  Needless to say, at 5:00, the service time was higher than I care to report–over 240 seconds.

Using One Minute Praisings and One Minute Reprimands, I was able to motivate people who are normally slow beyond words to move faster and to get the time down.  That is a very good thing.

An employee, normally lackluster at best, was my “enforcer” yesterday.  He’s interested in a management position.  I’d have to see much more consistency from him before I’d consider recommending him to my boss, but what I saw yesterday, combined with the fact that he is the only one I don’t have to ride constantly to get quality pre-close work and that he is available to work days and nights, means that he might be management material in a few more months.

I have another potential manager in the crowd, too, and she is a very hard worker.  But I’d like to see if she can influence others to step up in the same way my first employee was trying.

Which is why Maxwell’s book, Developing the Leaders Around You, would be such an appropriate Christmas present, if anyone was wondering what to get me.


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