What is Four Cents, Really?

15 Nov

I have two customers who regularly visit my establishment.  They are incredibly annoying.  They will place their order, and the moment I turn around to help my fellow employees, one of them invariably signals me to add something to his order.  One of them always changes the order between purchasing it and receiving it.  They normally pay in change.

Yesterday, I had the chance to pay them back for the headaches that they normally give me.  One of them was four cents short of being able to pay his order.  I could have been a dick and refused service to him.  Instead, I remembered that–annoying or not–he is still a loyal customer.  In the grand scheme of a $1.1 million per year operation, what is four cents?

In that particular case, that four cents could have meant the difference between keeping a loyal customer coming in every single day.  I spent four cents, but my return on that is likely in the neighborhood of $3600 per year–because these guys spend an average of $10 per day.

I think that is an appropriate way to spend four cents!


One Response to “What is Four Cents, Really?”

  1. Chris July 22, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    I’ve been in the industry for years and absolutely agree that loyal daily customers are a vital part of business. And often when we would get the customers that were short change the next time they came in, they’d tell us to keep the extra dime and few pennies for next time. When dealing with a customer its all about give and take.

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