Introducing the First Site for the Fast Food Manager!

13 Nov

I’ve searched and I’ve searched, but I can’t seem to find any websites or blogs that specifically offer insight to the leaders of the fast food industry. Nothing that takes the vast management resources available and distills them into usable tricks for the fast food manager.

Therefore, I’m launching this blog as the first step in filling that void. It is my hope that a book deal will follow on the heels. I’m already working on a proposal. I will use this site to share some of my research and to help market the book. The book, mind you, will be about a year or so in coming since I’m still in the planning stages. This site will disseminate some of the research I’m doing and readers can help refine and add some great information to help fill out the book.

I already have a full plate, both in writing and in my personal life–I have a full-time job, a child, and in January I will be setting to work on finishing my college education, culminating in an MBA in organizational management and an M.Th in Christian apologetics. Therefore, I am looking for contributors for this site. Please drop an e-mail to for details. I would prefer people who have a great fast food background, and definitely people who can write well and meet deadlines. If this sounds like you, I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Let me know what you think!

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